PACK KAMAZ v4.1.0.0 for LS19

LS 2019 Trucks

PACK KAMAZ v4.1.0.0 for LS19

Changes v4.1:
– Added a food booth for Kamaz-65117 grain carrier;
– Added a food booth for the grain truck trailer;
– Various edits and improvements.

The package includes:
– Kamaz-65117 grain carrier;
– Kamaz-6520 ZSK;
– Grain truck trailer;
– Kamaz-43118 logging truck;
– Timber truck trailer;
– Kamaz-54115 truck tractor;
– Semi-trailer grain carrier;
– Semi-trailer logging truck;
– Semi-trailer platform;
– Semi-trailer grocery;
– Kamaz-53215 barrel;
– Trailer barrel;
– Kamaz-55111 dump truck;
– Kamaz-6520 dump truck;
– Kamaz-53215 on-Board;
– Nefaz-8560 Trailer;
– Tank wagon;
– Feldbinder EUT 35.3.
– Semi-trailer cattle truck.

Support for the Manure system mod.

Eraevgenij, Kerl
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