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Welcome to Newbie Farm, over the years this map has been described as one of the hardest maps to play and in trying to keep with that I present the new version which in all fairness is almost a revamp due to the amount of changes which has changed the look of the map a lot. So in keeping the idea behind game difficulty (which is based around hard difficulty) you will find all the forestry area’s have now been moved into mountains.
Please note due to the scale of this there are over 13,000 tree’s on this map now and although tested in single player, multiplayer and on a dedicated server the map ran smoothly but you may have to turn down your settings if you suffer FPS problems.
Cows, Chickens, Sheep and Pigs are all present around the farm area. There is also a mixture of sell points for those who like the supply and demand features built into the game or like to store the grain for great demands. Note the farm silo can hold almost everything and its capacity has been increased to 500,000 due to the silo extension addons not working on dedicated servers.

hedges around the farm are collidable while those around fields are not. You also do not start with any fields and missions are disabled.

//////////////Change Log 1.0
* Map ported over from FS15.
* Many terrain changes to allow for more diverse play styles.
* Some terrain changes to open the map up a little more in places.
* All triggers updated to FS17 triggers.
* All animal zones in place and functional.
* Deco tree’s thined out.
* Prices balanced.
* Some forestry area’s added in the mountains.
* A whole new section of forestry added in the mountains behind the farm ruuning up to the BGA.
* Vehicle reset trigger added (seperate to the default purchase/reset trigger used in FS17.
* Some fields changed to all for the new field bounderies system.
* Missions disabled as it broke the idea behind the map.
* Field sizes updated to all for field prices to be more acceptable.
* Animal purchase zone added in the mountains between fields 16 and 20.
* Slaughter house replaced with Mill and hay/straw sell point.
* BGa updated to the one from FS17.
* Tree’s at the BGA changed to deco tree’s.
* Tree’s at the Freight Yard switched to Poplar’s.
* Pig zone moved up into the mountains behind the sheep zone.
* Pig and cow feed storage silo’s added.
* More mountains transformed into forestry area’s.
* purchasable grass, silage, manureand straw triggers added at garden centre.
* Fieild 7 switched to unowned.
* Grass fields now must be purchased.
* Tree’s along river changed to poplars.
* Prices increased for silage, dry grass, woodchips, straw, potato’s and sugarbeet’s.
* Price for grass lowered.
* Price for logs increased.

* Field sizes fixed to further balance field prices.
* Bale destry trigger fixed for cow barn.
* Cleaning area’s for animals fixed.
* Animals freezing at feeding troughs fixed.
* Straw purchase trigger fixed.
* Sheep icon location fixed.
* Map Preview image updated (temp image).
* Fixed tip collision layer thanks to Hoot from FS-UK.
* Train bug fixed.
* Animal nav meshes fixed.
* Floating tree near field 21 fixed.
* Wheat foliage layer near Freight Yard removed.
* Silage price fixed.
* Woodchips price fixed.
* Missing chicken gate.
* Fixed miss click in feidl 17.
* Fixed map boundaries been visible.
* Some terrain fixes to buildings.
* Fixed transform group names due to space character issues.
* Sheep nav Mesh Fixed.

* Luke159
* Giants
* Silvio-Smoke
* FarmerYip
* akuenzi
* ccs101
* Hoot
* Marhu
* MrMrfiks

* Karla
* Kevin.P
* Frito
* Iain Robson
* Rambo
* Zombie
* Marty
* MrMrfiks
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