MultiOverlayV2 Hud Convert V 2.84 Beta LS17

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MultiOverlayV2 Hud Convert V 2.84 Beta LS17

Version 2.84 Beta
*diverse Bugfixes
*fieldPrice slot felder kaufen conventiert und freigeschaltet
*fieldPrice slot werden zusätzliche Informationen angezeigt(preistendenz + ist job ready) fehlt das tendenz icon kann man auf dem feld generell keine jobs machen
*VI 2 neue positionen auswählbar(rechts neben miniMap or F1)(user wunsch)
*wtmHud realTime optional position switch hinzugefügt(user wunsch)
*wtmHud moneyChange conventiert und noch optional pos,size,maxView,dauer/on/off/lastPreview zum einstellen hinzugefügt
*UPK conventiert,kann also in objectSettings.xml eingefügt werden(bsp wird erstellt wenn man diese neu generiert)
*FabrikScript conventiert,kann also in objectSettings.xml eingefügt werden(bsp wird erstellt wenn man diese neu generiert)
*Pal. Sammler Script conventiert
*Unterstützung für HeapPreview Mod hinzugefügt(bsp wird in objectSettings.xml erstellt)

The MultiOverlay V2 Hud LS17 Convert Mod is designed to provide you with a quick overview of some key features of the game.

Quick Overview:
Animals, UPK objects, greenhouses, bearings, bestprices, fieldprice, bga, silos, placeable objects, map obsolete objects, marhu FabrikScript objects and much more about a comfortable miniPda settings menu * 3

In addition, there is a VehicleInspector (VI) (picture) that you can use.
Please look first in the bug list before you report an error or have problems with something.
Support / Beta / Quick Bugfix / Developer versions are available here

Optional artDesigns (needs the current ArtDesign Addon 1.5 or higher) <— klick A LARGE THANKS also to all testers who have tested the new version extensively for faults, or have approved the mod support or their approval for an ad implementation in this mod. In addition, it can still fail, because the range of functions and the very different Maps / mods just can not be tested. This is a convert version, there is an exact guide first here. Please read also. Thx V2.x “Small Mod Tutorial”: see videos (LS15 MultiOverlayV2 Hud) V2.82 Changelog: here V2.82 BugListe: hereChangeLog:
MP / Deti, the Moh is not activated (solution, click on pause in the game once and then continue)
WtmHud realTime / gameday position (Figure)
VI Field choppers and other devices in certain combinations bring a lua error
Page1 bestPrice has not always been displayed for all fruits) (ls17 bug)
ObjectSettings.xml extended and placeable LS / Mods added
Slot shops
Switch farmsilo page1 unlocked optionally usable (picture)
Fix VehicleInspector pos miniMap
SlotEdit conventiert and unlocked, so you can manage your objectSettings.xml optimally inGame (Picture)
Page1 BGA inserted as a visible station
Page2 conceded and released (in the mp the setting from the serverSettings.xml of the server) (Picture)
All server / client events conventiert (it applies with all the settings from the serverSettings.xml of the server)
WtmHud preview weather conventiert and optionally usable (user request) (Picture)
Page1 price added per station
BugList: Fix Check Not reproducible

Preview next version:
This Mod version was added as good as it goes by me to LS17 Conventiert and innovations. Due to the numerous innovations, not yet everything can be Conventiert and needs therefore still some time. The most important is however available and if the Mod Scripter not too much change should it also with the Mods run (FS, MixFeeder etc.) run. These things have not been deactivated. Everything which is unimportant or does not work has been deactivated by me. It comes a corresponding hinweis or but it just happens nothing. Everything else will follow.

And God may forgive me when I have overlooked something to disable and it comes to error.

Hud Files from the user Landwirtschaft_der_ddr you this available.
Hud Files from the user Oelly who provides you his.
Hud Files from the user Güllemax (FBM-Team) which provide you yourselves.
Hud Files from the user Güllemax (FBM-Team) which will provide you yourselves.
Hud Files from the user THFalcon which provides you its. NEW

Many thanks to me.
And who does not like it should simply not load it

1.Publication with original Downloadlink only. NO replacement link
2.The uploading and re-uploading is not permitted

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