Information from the presentation: Game Demo Farming Simulator 17 – FS 17

Information from the presentation: Game Demo Farming Simulator 17 – FS 17

  • There are many more configuration options.
  • When you start a career you can also choose between the “Easy”, “Normal” and “heavy”. However, this affects not just the initial credit, the prices of fruit varieties etc. but provides also some features in the game or out (on “heavy” is enabled by default on everything; on “Easy” example is the manual motor start off). The individual features can be well within the save game re-configure a setting menu.
  • The “Sosnovka” card is still going here but no significant changes have been made.
  • The new map is called “Gold Crest Valley” and is located in America.
  • After the Map selection follows the character selection with some minor customization options (eg color of clothing). This works exactly the same for the multiplayer.
  • The silos have a limited capacity, but can be increased by Siloerweiterungen.
  • New placeable objects include a workshop and the Siloerweiterungen.
  • The new species is, as expected, to pigs.
  • Can be directly placed in a trolley when buying, so you have to drive yourself to the barn. Alternatively, they may also be directly teleport in the area, but this will cost a fee.
  • Pigs, sheep and cows multiply “by automatically” if they have enough food (eg in pigs: straw, maize, wheat, barley, canola, soybean, sugar beet, potatoes).
  • Main source of income in pigs: Selling of farmed livestock.
  • The feeding place of the animals must be kept clean (eg with tractor and front loader).
  • The map can be zoomed and you can set a marker on the map. Thereby a kind appears in the game green “laser” that shows where you have to go.
  • Helpers look different.
  • Helper works better / smarter (eg drives not in trees but remains in front, turns to sooner, if necessary, reverse). Abfahrhelfer There is still no.
  • The helper filled the diesel and seed tank independently. But it will cost somewhat more. There is also the possibility of this wake up, sleep in the settings. Moreover, one can determine where the helper should take as seed ago (for example from our own silos).
  • Objects (eg bales or tree trunks) can be tighten with straps (either individually by hand, or all at once when one draws a tractor to the trailer), so that no objects can fall down.
  • Smaller objects (eg tree pieces) can be pick up by hand and put belieblig or throw. There is also a basketball court, where you can throw a few baskets.
  • There are many different trees on the map (not “hexagonal trunks” more).
  • A train for transporting (eg wood) can be controlled independently. It can (if enabled in the settings) be “jumped” by Tab key in the train.
  • The vehicles can be arbitrarily configured (eg in a Valtra Taktor T Series: color, engine, front loader or the Fendt 939: twin wheels, wide tires, wheel weights). Even after purchasing the vehicles to be reconfigured (for a certain price). The opposite, “Back tuning” costs nothing.
  • The tire pressure changes depending on the load (as is clearly visible when suspending a weight).
  • In the vehicles there is a radio: Either you listen to offline songs stored (by default already four radio stations are stored) or favorite Internet radio (here must stream URL are entered in an XML file).
  • Manitou is a brand new case (in the game demo was a telehandler to see).
  • Advanced fertilization system:
    • In order to achieve maximum yield, a field must be fertilized three times (depending fertilization 30% more yield) and must follow every third time harvesting the field to be plowed (10% more yield).
    • Optimal flow: Harvesting -> fertilization -> cultivators -> fertilization -> (possibly plowing) -> Drilling -> fertilization.
    • Intercrop: oil radish (counts just like manure as a Düngvorgang)
    • The Strigeln a field with a corresponding device also counts as one Düngvorgang – so you have many options.
    • Grass is düngbar again – provided it is grown in a field.
  • There are big bags, including seeds, which can be transported even with the front loader (wheel and trailer).
  • AI traffic can be enabled in multiplayer, however, continues to drive more slowly.
  • The content / features of the console and PC version are exactly the same.
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