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Goldcrest Valley v2.0 Maps

Hello community,
Today I present you my Goldcrest Valley 2.0.
I’ve really changed a lot of the map and rebuilt it.
In the beginning I have to say that she is not necessarily suitable for reality fetishists,
because on the map everything is a bit bigger, especially if you use the enclosed special yield mod.
It was really changed a lot and rebuilt.

These include:
Roads and sidewalks
Fire station installed
Factory script installed
Nuclear power plant installed
BGA enlarged
Barn swapped
a dairy and a car wash were installed
and an incredible number of small players were added.
I wish you a lot of fun in games.
And if you want to support me then please upload the map via Uploaded 🙂
Have fun
Cobra / MTL Modding Team
Here is the complete credit list which is also included in the mod.
(As of 25.12.2018)

Map modification and partial white script adaptation: Micha the Modder / MTL Modding Team
Forgotten Plants Sunflowers: Eribus
Forgotten Plants Soybean: Eribus
Forgotten Plants Sugerbeet / Potatoes: Eribus
Forgotten Plants Maize: Eribus
Forgotten Plants Rape: Eribus
Forgotten Plants Wheat / Barley: Eribus
Forgotten Plants Landscape: Eribus
Forgotten Plants Texture Set: Eribus
Court filling station: AI modding
Water pumping station: skeleton / conversion to Free Water: Micha the Modder / MTL Modding Team
Milk Trigger, StopMilkSale and Overload: Marhu / BlackSheep / Kevink98
Dairy: Svapa Agro / Texture Transformation: Micha the Modder / MTL Modding Team
Shield MTL Modding Team: Micha the Modder / MTL Modding Team
BGA silo: kingkalle – Team LTW
FFW Building: Urmodder and Texture Transformation: Micha the Modder / MTL Modding Team
New Icons: Micha the Modder / MTL Modding Team
Panels with Hints: Strubi69 / Texture Conversion and Texture: Micha the Modder / MTL Modding Team
Cigarette vending machines: LsPrO / Texture conversion and conversion: Micha the Modder / MTL Modding Team
Dustbins: Locke_SB / Texture Conversion and Texture: Micha the Modder / MTL Modding Team
Radio mast: Saschii
AdditionalTrigger: kevink98 / LiquideTrigger (FS15): Marhu
Factory Script: kevink98 / Marhu
Seed and fertilizer Stock: Nils23, Kevink98
Ramp in the BGA: Vanquish081
NPP: Micha the Modder / MTL modding team and Krische
Traffic sign package V4: Nick98.1
Bus stop: m4pj3cts
High voltage power line: BocieK17
Field purchase sign: Fendtfan1
Fire Brigade Hydrant: Fendtfan79 / LS Agricultural Service
Hall yard: Arrii
Country house: 20mmNormandy
Wind energy plant: BocieK17
Traunsteiner silo: Fendtfan1
Balance BGA: n0tr3adY
Landhandel: Eifok Team
Car wash: 112TEC
Dynamic Sky v1.4.4.0: Black Panther Group
New Holland Dealer Signboard: TyKonKet
Water tower: Aaamodding
Traffic control system: TWD modding

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