Global market multifruit V 1.0 for FS2017

Global market multifruit V 1.0 for FS2017

HALLO LOVE fellow-player.
We once took a look at the global market.

A GREAT THANKS TO Balu_AutoDrive for his awesome mod,
which had stopped him from time deficit, but released him to further build / improve.

We will introduce you to the new global market.

1.Chat goes again, but still limited, there is still no ä, ü and ö and special characters.
Solution: Instead of writing Ä, Ö AE / OE.
only a limited number of words are possible for now.zb
Hello need wheat
2.Neuer store inserted. The also Multifruit is, and will be lit in the evening.
(It is also possible to remove people from the standard mats where no roggen etc have been taken and sold again (since also wheat is sold at a reasonable price)
But CAUTION.On standard maps where the fruits (MULTIFRUIT) do not go only buy and sell (no tipping by TerrainDetailHigh on the map possible)
3.The client syncht 1 to 1 ab
is called in the plain text;
you pour 8 to pure and the other players see your 8 to immediately.
4.Prices are changed weekly.
5. If you want to change your name, and do not want to name your user, proceed as follows;
globalMarket folder open, which is then over your Modsordner when you have inserted everything.

You are looking for the file; 

Open it with notpad or with an editor
Searches the line

and change the way you play in the game is important , for
change the name, DO NOT remove the other one. Then go up to file and save, finished

There will be a detailed video of exit where you explained the step by step from beginning to end.

instalation of the mod
1) download the Mod
2) unpack the mod
3) push the 2 zip files into the mods
folder 4) the yellow folder (globalMarket) comes where your mods folder is located. (see picture)
looks like this with you;

music …… ..

5) Then open your game and buy and place the global market.
Important: save the game and exit. Before you restart, open the yellow folder (globalMarket)
and look for the file; Global_Market_Client.exe, double-click with the mouse, then a table opens where you can see the current status of the fruits, which is offered in the market.
leave the table open and go into your game.

WHAT IS IMPORTANT: THE CLIENT MUST ALWAYS BE OPENED INTO THE BACKGROUND; THE OTHER MARKET IS NOT WORKED. If you drop a trailer into the market, wait 5 seconds for the next trailer to tilt.

that was it.

It is forbidden to change this version, or upload it in any other way whites.
Who wants to run its global market takes the original file of balu, and makes itself the itself.

Kind regards wingi, Deejay, Susi 29

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