Farming Simulator 17 – So many new features are part of it! – LS2017

LS 2017 mods

Farming Simulator 17 – So many new features are part of it! – LS2017

It’s amazing how much new features with the “FS 17” to-come. It is already going on in the menu. There will be over 12 Grafikeinstel-payments and the characters (male and female) are Apparel Tech cally selected. In addition also is more, you can give the character  own name.
The intelligence of the assistants will be much better than with previous products by GIANTS Software. Thus, a helper will be able to evade the obstacle-and not dull drive against a tree. You can tell your helpers where you collect the seeds. The helpers will wear different outfits. The status messages of helpers who-to you appears well. This greatly facilitates the overview. The weight will affect the tire pressure and the automatic or manual engine start is also selectable from the menu. Officially confirmed are the pigs, which are quite expensive. Select You can now even if you yourself want to transport your animals or whether they should be delivered directly to the different stalls. The delivery of the animals, however, costs money. As Dolly you is the Joskin RDS 7500 Betimax available. All animals in the “LS 17” ver-multiply!
You are in the “FS 17” mitge-supplies From the beginning, 4 pre-radio stations. This you can but expanded as with the Live Stream function. The map “Gold Quest Valley” will often have four-lane roads. The Tele handlers Manitou Milt 840 should probably be very awesome. With the tensioning straps you will be able to fasten your freight. It was shown here Fliegl DPW. On the edge of big bags also were mentioned.
In the “FS 17” presentation of the Massey Ferguson 8700 and the Fendt 900 Vario also has been shown. The devices will be different confi-gured his (engine, transmission, general color, Rim color). Even after purchasing machines can be adapted in the workshops. The cost of the rental amount to 1/10 of the regular purchase price. In vie-len tractors Brand Massey Ferguson Your twin tires will kau-fen can.
Even with the placeable objects a few things will do. So can your workshops, water towers, warehouses and silos to buy or even need. The storage capacities are in fact limited, and must therefore be extended! The editing of the fields is also complicated. You must after every third harvest plowing. Should you do not, so you will receive 10% less income and there are three levels of fertilization. Sonnenblu-men that are directed to the sun and soybeans were known as new crop varieties. In addition, a cover crop (radish) is added. The grass will be düngbar and it will as always give artificial fertilizers, manure and slurry.

The FarmCon 16 is not over and the gamesom 2016 is also on the doorstep. Whether as more features come ?!

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How Farming Simulator 2017 mods will help you

Farming Simulator 17 mods can provide numerous of advantages and perks trying to outrun all the competitors. As all of the fans know, everyone has the same main goal – to be the best and of course to have a great time. Notwithstanding, it’s impossible to feel satisfied when everyone is using better tools than you do so don’t stand because you deserved be equal with everyone else on this game. As innovations improve within everyday changes, so it happens in farming also. Trying to always keep up with the newest tools, download FS 17 mods and stay at the top all the time. This is the only possible way to compete with others and outrun them so if you’re really seeking for becoming the best farmer in the world, you’ll need LS 17 mods. Grab them now and start your journey to the top of the hill!

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