Elkader IA v1.0.0.1 Farming Simulator 19

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Elkader IA v1.0.0.1 Farming Simulator 19

Here is my very first map. I spent the last year learning Giants Editor just to make it. It is based upon a farm that has been in my family for over 100 years. The Home Place is a farm near and dear to my heart. My love for farming comes from the memories I made visiting this farm, baling hay, raking on windswept hillsides, and exploring our land with the dogs tagging along. I truly hope you enjoy Version 1 of this map, and get some sense of the beauty of northeast Iowa.

Having said that, there are known cosmetic issues with some of the doors that were found after uploading (not game breaking and will not interfere with your farming). There WILL be issues the beta testers and I have not discovered yet. I have accepted that fact. I will try to find a place where you can report those issues. I will be providing a second post which involves recommended equipment and recommended expansion (Cliffy’s, Retschler’s, and buyback Leo’s which use to be our property). Here are some notes that should help you in starting the map and cover any questions regarding what is possible on the map:

1. UNZIP the download into your mods folder. It should have some augurs necessary for unloading and loading (loading only for the Maehl’s place, otherwise two static augurs are available). There is a picture folder for less obvious triggers in the map (straw, feed, cattle load).
2. There is an extra storage facility in the southeast corner you can buy for cheap. It costs about $1000 of upkeep to store crops here. There is very little storage on the map because that’s how it is in real life! Many farms, such as the Baumgartner’s, just sell bales!
3. Alfalfa is in the map but not ready to be used (need to work on the bales). This was a last minute addition.
4. You might have trouble at the Home Place feeding cattle in the lower farrowing barn, I have decided to switch this over to calves in the future map just like my uncle has it, so bear with me here.
5. Teleporting to the silage bagger teleports you inside it, I have this fixed, just need to implement it.
6. Milk sell station was added last. Although it should work, I highly recommend beef cattle as that is what this map was designed for and is more realistic for this area.
7. The map is seasons ready, though I have not plowed snow everywhere, it should only be the lane to your farm that needs to be plowed. The neighbor took care of the rest.
8. There are a lot of cattle lots, they are bought with the farmland! In the future I may make it so these lots are bought on their own farmland so you can “rent” space from the neighbor.
9. Version 2 will come with a cleaner leaner folder and fixes to any issues you guys find.
10. Make sure to tag me when you post pictures elsewhere! PLEASE ask me for permission for any publicly released edits or permission for releasing to other sites. Please keep the link on my page.

Happy farming!

MRG Mapping
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