Claas Carat 180T v1.0.1 FS17

LS 2017 Trailers

Claas Carat 180T v1.0.1 FS17

Chopping into the trailer is impossible
Collisions added to the superstructures
Shining through the fillVolumes at low loading has been fixed
various minor adjustments

First, some history:
The Carat was built by Kaweco and varnished for Claas in the typical seed green.
Due to the strong demand and the ever increasing impact force, Claas caused the Carat to miss a “facelift”.
It featured a sturdier frame, a reinforced drawbar, larger tires and the larger body.
With the largest construction, this now holds about 27.5 m³. Thus, he can still compete well with current models from other manufacturers.

To the actual model:
This Claas Carat 180T corresponds to about 80% of the original that was quite common in the 90s and now and then still sighted. The remaining 20% ​​are “free muzzle”, which is not least due to missing footage.
The model is quite detailed and yet no overloaded “Polybomb”.
Furthermore, a few small gadgetry were incorporated, such as. Cable ties that hold the hydraulic hoses on the pole above the drawbar and even adapt to the configuration.

The textures of the rims and wheel scars adapt to the selected trailer condition.

There are 4 different filling quantities, depending on which structure you have chosen.
The quantity in m³ is displayed as an icon in the shop below the stock image. (Cubic meter is the same here with the capacity in liters | 14 m³ = 14000 L)

Features and Configs:
Dynamic Hoses
License plates
Detailed and fully animated model
Various tire configs
Configurable steering axle
4 different constructions to configure
3 different trailer conditions selectable (old / rusty, used, restored)

Modell und Texturen: Crouwler
Texturen Decals: Crouwler / da-hoffi
Scripte: Ifko[nator], Blacky-BPG, Xentro
Reifen BKT: JD7530 (Prefab ModHub)
DynamicHose Anschlüsse: BM Modding
Bilder & Videos: Pixelfarming & SnookieSnu
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